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Cover Art by Keith Heptinstall
Model - Michaela Miller
The Myatheira Chronicles

The Myatheira Chronicles is a series set in the fantasy world of Myatheira, centered around a magically imbued race known as the Vor'shai.


The Vor'shai: From the Ashes - Released 2012 (2011 Kindle/Nook)

Beyond the Veil - Released 2013

Crown of Ice - Released 2014

In the Beginning - Released 2015

The Golden Kingdom - Set for release 2019


Each book is a new adventure, utilizing new and old characters, taking the reader on a different journey to experience the adventures of the Vor'shai throughout the history of their world.  Click below for more information on the series.

Upcoming Books

Fairy Dust Title.jpg
Omen of Shadows

Work in Progress

Cover Art by Keith Heptinstall
Model - Lena Bradford
Book no.2
Book no.1
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