The Myatheira Chronicles Character & World Art

Character portrait of Leyna Evantine from The Myatheira Chronicles volume one, The Vor'shai: From the Ashes.  Artwork by Taylor Campbell of  Taylor Campbell Art

Aiva Levadis

Neomi It'aryn

Kaori Levadis

Artwork of Aiva, Neomi, and Kaori done by Taylor Campbell of Taylor Campbell Art

Tuniron Warrior

Sanarik Warrior

Namiren Warrior

Artwork of Tuniron Warrior, Namiren Warrior, and Sanarik Warrior by DLeoBlack (

Feh Noq Warrior

Illustrations of the Syet and Feh Noq drawn by Adam Wayne of

Syet Warrior

Nature Elemental Haskrod

Water Elemental Haskrod

Fire Elemental Haskrod

Illustrations of Haskrod by Shredderdima

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