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Myatheira  Origins

The Myatheira Origins series is designed as a prequel series to The Myatheira Chronicles, bringing to life the very characters whose lives and history helped build Myatheira into the world it is today.  

Work in Progress


Koyl Enlim and Elynri Levadis - Volume One

An Oath of Virtue & Valor


Inari Lorvesa and Gareth Darhton - Volume Two

Fate's Fallen

Cadell and Valeska.png

Cadell Zerne and Valeska Rhoslyn - Volume Three

Throne of Darkness


Riale Oardi and Islene Zerne - Volume Four

Fall From Grace

Artwork of The Myatheira Origins characters shown above were illustrated by Andra Moisescu.

Click View More to see additional Myatheira Origins Artwork 

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