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The Myatheira Journals

The Myatheira Journals series is designed as a sequel series to The Myatheira Chronicles, bringing to life characters from the original series whose stories have yet to be told.  

Work in Progress


Sidonie Levadis & Tarius Eceri - Volume One

Of Spies & Nobles


Ehren Levadis & Solenne Imalde - Volume Two

The Castaway Queen


Calie Zerne & Kenryk Ervera - Volume Three

Honor Bound Heart


Soren Diah & Brielle Taialda - Volume Four

Guarded by Fate


Arian Sultheri & Sarai Levadis - Volume Five

Echoes of Shadows Past

cover_color_6.69x9.61_02 (1).png

Vorienna Tiavshy & Danil Levadis - Volume Six

Heroes & Happenstance


Audri Levadis & Braythe Inarhin - Volume Seven

Duty and the Divine


Alaric It'aryn-Levadis & Thalia Oldryne - Volume Eight

The Wagered Warrior


Saydra Verity Levadis & Kade Esvradu - Volume Nine

Secrets at Evenfall

Rysand low res.jpg

 Rysand Levadis & Natilie Darthon - Volume Ten

Heiress of Honor


 Emerlyn Taeth-Diah & Sylvan Rothsryl - Volume Eleven

Myths & Majesty

Cover Artwork of The Myatheira Journals characters volume 1-3 were illustrated by Leraynne S.

Cover Artwork of The Myatheira Journals characters volumes 4-7 were illustrated by Levente A. Farkas.

Cover Artwork of The Myatheira Journals characters volumes 8-11 were illustrated by Emmanuel Omenda Jr.

Click View More to see additional Myatheira Journals Artwork 

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