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The Myatheira Chronicles

Welcome to the world of Myatheira!  A fantasy series from the mind of author Melissa Grzanka.  Volume one sets the scene and introduces readers to the world of Myatheira in which anything is possible.  Follow the adventures of an ancient elven race known as the Vor'shai who wield both swords and magic to protect their people from the evil that threatens their land.  Click on the cover image to view individual details for each book and purchase them in print or for Kindle on, or scroll below to find more information here.    

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Cover Art design and model credit are listed under the contributor information on the main page.

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Myatheira Info


Volume One

The Vor'shai: From the Ashes

Young Leyna finds herself orphaned and abandoned, living on the streets of a foreign land, struggling to make ends meet in a world she is too young to understand. Taking any job that will provide her shelter, Leyna assists an instructor at a military academy, learning to wield a sword by watching the recruits. When food and lodging become too expensive and war encroaches on her home, she makes the decision to join the men in battle, hoping to conceal her youth and save enough money for a better life. A chance meeting with a brigade of soldiers opens the door for Leyna to become more closely involved in the coming struggle than expected. However, when the truth is revealed that enemy forces had a hand in the death of her mother, nothing will keep Leyna from seeking revenge. The inspirational tale of a woman who will sacrifice everything for retribution, Leyna's story sees her pushed beyond physical and mental boundaries on a journey of self-discovery in a quest to avenge the brutal murder of her mother and save her people from the hands of evil.


Volume Two

Beyond the Veil

As the daughter of the Vor'shai Queen, Aiva quickly learns that life isn't as perfect as everyone believes. After a marriage is arranged between herself and the General's son, a scandal is soon uncovered involving her betrothed, implicating him as an ally to a group of pirates who threaten the soldiers in the neighboring country of Siscal. When her sister is kidnapped by the merciless pirate leader, Ireni Moura, and the General's son is commanded to lead the troops in the rescue efforts, Aiva stows away with the military in hopes of exposing their superior officer as a traitor. Determined to save her sister from the clutches of evil, she embarks on an adventure beyond anything she could have imagined, faced with danger and treachery, discovering the true strength of her people and the frightening realization that nothing in this world is ever what it seems.

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Volume Three

Crown of Ice

As a male living in the matriarchal society of the Vor'shai, Edric Levadis struggles to find his identity amongst his people. When the Ovatai Chief's daughter, Neomi, arrives in Tanispa to request aid from the Vor'shai military, Edric seizes the opportunity to venture out into the world and help his friends in battle. Immersed in a land and culture so drastically different from his own, complications arise, leaving the Vor'shai and Ovatai at odds, and creating a rift that makes it hard to tell friend from foe. With the Vor'shai military focused on the war, it falls upon Edric and Neomi to solve the mystery of the strange beast which threatens their lives, uncovering deception that runs far deeper than anyone could have known. Now it is up to them to expose the enemy and help their people put aside their differences before the world as they know it is destroyed. A tale of love, loyalty, sacrifice, and betrayal, Edric must learn to push past his own fear and self-doubt to learn the true strength which lies hidden within us all and help lead his people to victory at any cost.

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Volume Four

In the Beginning

Before the Levadis family ascended the throne, Tanispa and Siscal were under the governmental control of Carpaen, a booming Empire no one dared challenge.  Driven by his own private agenda against the Vor'shai, the ruthless Emperor targets the family of the young Kaori Levadis.  Desperate to defend against the Emperor's tyranny, Kaori decides to strike back, creating a name for herself as an unlikely hero amongst the Vor'shai.  Persecuted for their heritage, Kaori's people are left with no choice other than to prepare for a civil war unlike anything Myatheira has seen before.  Thrust into a world of turmoil and pain, Kaori learns quickly that weakness is not an option when the freedom of an entire race rests upon her shoulders.  Bringing to life the history of the beloved Vor'shai, In the Beginning tells the story of how strength, honor, and ulimate sacrifice helped mold the world of Myatheira for generations to come.


Volume Five

The Golden Kingdom

The fifth and final stirring novel in the Myatheira series will be coming soon!  Check back for updates.

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